Our employees are what keeps our business running, which is why we’re committed to meeting the highest safety standards at our offices and on our job sites at all times.

We’re proud to say that since the launch of our business over a decade ago, we’ve had ZERO safety incidentsWe also have years of experience working and liaising with insurance compliance companies to ensure we’re always meeting our client’s specific safety requirements.

Cutting-edge safety management software

Using an industry-leading safety management platform, we’re able to guarantee the highest quality build in the safest environment. From job site assessments and site inspections to regular safety meetings and training, this quality and safety software helps us keep our employees and worksites protected at all times.







How we keep our sites and employees safe

Safety Meetings

We hold mandatory safety meetings for all employees where we discuss, review, and enforce existing safety procedures. Any recent issues are addressed, and new policies are introduced to ensure maximum safety across all worksites.

Ongoing In-House Training

We conduct regular training sessions for our technicians and onsite workers covering CPR, first aid, fall protection, RF awareness and more. We prioritize worker safety within our organization and reward employees for their effort and commitment when they meet our safety policies.

Independent Site Inspections

Every month, an independent construction safety company inspects all open worksites to verify that the necessary safety standards are met and that our safety policies are followed.

Regular Job Site Assessments

Before work begins, job sites are carefully examined for potential hazards. Materials that pose a threat are promptly removed, and all necessary safety adjustments are made before the start of each workday.