We Are ClearBlue Technologies Group

Our new name better reflects our capabilities.


MISSISSAUGA, ON—ClearBlue Wireless announced it would rebrand as ClearBlue Technologies Group (CBTG), effective immediately.

Since 2008, ClearBlue Wireless has been a telecommunications and technology provider that offers numerous technologies including communications, wireless and energy efficiency to its customers. Since CBTG has always been able to do these things, the company believed it was time its name reflected it could do more than provide wireless services.

“I think now CBTG is in many facets and doing a whole bunch of diversified services,” CBTG founder James Davis said. “Wireless is still something we offer, but I think we offer a lot more than that. We want to tell a story about the brand.”

Along with wireless, CBTG provides fiber, small cell, distributed antenna systems (DAS), electronic vehicle (EV) charging, network and tower services and general telecommunications maintenance. CBTG also offers full turnkey operations and can serve as a project manager from the project’s inception until it is complete.

CBTG’s infrastructure services are available to both the public and private sector. CBTG’s high quality work has made it a trusted partner in the civil construction, network installation, and maintenance services and helped the company build a portfolio that includes top businesses throughout the United States and Canada.

As CBTG continues to evolve, the company wants to gain a stronger foothold in the commercial real estate industry. Strong in-building network coverage has become a key selling point for buildings, and CBTG is confident it can help building owners get the coverage they need into their properties in order to attract and retain tenants.

“Fiber and in-building DAS are all designed to be fast and make business communications seamless whether you’re in the parking garage or stuck on a 20-floor elevator,” Davis said. “This is what the future of the business is; seamless, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.”

CBTG will continue to provide its outstanding wireless service to its customer base. This rebrand is not about eliminating that division of its business, but rather reminding its potential and current its customer base telecommunications services and capabilities go much deeper.

“We are looking to be the go-to trusted partner in cutting-edge technology,” Davis said. “We want to be the go-to partners of choice.”